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Reliable and safe Muumi Baby diapers are developed with small children’s sensitive skin and needs in mind.

Our extensive range contains high-quality Muumi Baby diapers in all sizes as well as Helmi Baby products, which make life easier and are suitable for sensitive skin. All of our lovely products are designed and manufactured in Finland from safe raw ingredients.

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Muumi Baby


For the sensitive skin of a newborn

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Muumi baby starters teippivaippa koko 1 2-6kg

Muumi Baby


Reliable and safe diapers

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Muumi Baby Diaper open diaper 5-24kg

Muumi Baby


Very flexible and absorbent for an active child

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Muujmi 7-26kg

Helmi Baby

Caring products

Cleanliness for all kinds of situations

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Super-soft surface materials

Only thoroughly researched, pure raw materials and breathable surface materials are used in the super-soft and gentle Muumi Baby diapers to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy.



Muumi Baby diapers’ excellent absorption distributes moisture evenly throughout the diaper and therefore guarantees effective protection, even for active kids. The rear and side elastics meanwhile guarantee a better fit and prevent side and back leaks – keeping your child happy for longer.



No unnecessary chemicals such as chlorine, lotions, fragrances, glyphosates, latex, formaldehyde or phthalates are added to Muumi Baby diapers – and that’s why they’re suitable for children’s sensitive skin.

Muumi Baby

Gentle on babies, gentle on nature.


Muumibaby on Skin-friendlyOur honor is to be


Our diapers’ new and improved absorption capability and structure distribute moisture evenly throughout the diaper, without compromising on effectiveness. Thanks to our development work, we use significantly fewer superabsorbents than many other industry competitors.

Muumibaby on From FinlandOur honor is to be

From Finland

Muumi Baby diapers are made by Delipap, a family-owned company from Finland with over 40 years of experience. We are mums and dads ourselves, and we continuously develop our diapers for the good of our little ones.

Muumibaby on SafeOur honor is to be


Muumi Baby diapers are a safe choice for your baby. The diapers are only manufactured from pure raw materials and do not contain unnecessary chemicals such as lotions, fragrances or chlorine.

Muumibaby on Environmentally responsibleOur honor is to be

Environmentally responsible

As our products are used by our planet’s smallest inhabitants, we make sure to take good care of our shared environment throughout the diaper’s entire life cycle.

Muumibaby on ReliableOur honor is to be


Our diapers’ absorption capability and structure distribute moisture evenly throughout the diaper, without compromising on effectiveness. Elastics ensure a good fit and prevent leaks. That’s how Muumi Baby diapers can meet even the most demanding needs.

Size chart

Muumi Baby diapers are available in a full range of sizes, from newborn to toddler. All of our diapers are manufactured from pure and safe raw materials in an environmentally friendly way at Finland’s only diaper factory.

Muumibaby vaippojen kokotaulukko

Biodegradable packaging, of course!

All Muumi Baby diapers are packed in a biodegradable bag. Feel free to reuse the packaging as a biowaste bag, for example.


Ahoy! Is there a clean Baltic Sea in sight?

The Baltic Sea needs our help! We stand with the Moomins in saving our only sea in the #meidänmeri campaign. The campaign falls in 2020, an important year for Moomins, as it marks 75 years since Tove Jansson published her first Moomin story.

#meidänmeri is a collaborative campaign between the Moomins and the John Nurminen Foundation and aims to increase awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea and to raise funds to save it.

By choosing environmentally friendly Muumi Baby diapers made from pure raw materials, you are supporting the campaign to save the Baltic Sea. Join the campaign by donating or learning more about the state of the Baltic Sea at www.meidanmeri.fi