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Pregnancy, Newborn

What should we name our baby?

Picking a name for a baby is a fun game for many couples, even before they start trying for a baby. Parents often focus more on picking a name during...
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Baby, Newborn

A diet that supports breastfeeding

The arrival of a newborn means completely relearning everyday life and routines. In order to grow, the little one needs love, intimacy, and nutrition, which is naturally provided by breastmilk....
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Toddler, Baby, Newborn

A good diaper can save the day

A drink has been spilt, the room you’ve just cleaned is a complete mess and your baby’s cheeks are covered in felt pen. Sound familiar? There is never a dull...
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Toddler, Baby, Pregnancy, Newborn

Children’s clothes: 3 + 3 tips for buying children’s clothes

Little rompers, small sweet summer dresses, dress shirts for toddlers and babygrows for newborns – it’s so much fun to browse and buy baby clothes. The fact of the matter,...
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Toddler, Baby, Newborn

A baby’s sensitive skin needs a gentle, breathable diaper

Newborns have thin, delicate skin that is not yet used to the stresses and strains of the outside world. Skin in the diaper area is particularly vulnerable and requires gentle,...
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How to change a diaper and ensure a good fit

Babies’ skin is only half the thickness of an adult’s. It is not good for sensitive skin to leave a diaper on for too long, allowing pee and poo to...
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