Tips for baby skincare

Muuumi Baby article babies' skin care

How to keep your baby’s skin healthy

  1. Choose a skin-friendly diaper that does not expose your baby’s sensitive skin to unnecessary and irritating chemicals.
  2. Change diapers often enough to avoid the baby’s diaper area from being in contact with moisture for too long.
  3. Always wash the diaper area after a poo either with water, cotton pads wetted with warm water, or skin-friendly cleansing wipes. Helmi Baby cleansing wipes are an easy and skin-friendly choice for use at home or while travelling. They can be used to wipe the diaper area clean quickly and easily.
  4. Always dry the diaper area gently and carefully after washing. Tap the diaper area with a soft towel and avoid rubbing.
  5. Let the diaper area rest and breathe now and again. Leaving the baby’s diaper off for periods of time prevents skin irritation and encourages skin to heal faster.
  6. If the baby’s skin is in good condition, it will not require lotion. Lotions are poorly absorbed into babies’ thin skin. That’s why Muumi Baby diapers do not contain any added lotions. If the baby’s skin is intact, but dry, you can use fragrance-free skin oils.


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