In the future, diapers will be responsibly Finnish and carbon neutral

Emilia Nordström, who works in Muumi Baby diaper production development, answers the phone from maternity leave with her six-month-old daughter Freya babbling in the background: “Day-to-day life with a young baby has got off to a good start, and it’s great to be able to test the diapers on my own daughter. I don’t just work with diapers during business hours now; I’ve truly taken my work home with me,” Emilia laughs.

Emilia’s grandfather, paper industry expert Raimo Nuortie, founded the company in the late 1970s and began to pioneer the manufacture of children’s diapers with a new, patented idea. His innovation came from his family’s needs: His son – Emilia’s father – had very sensitive skin, and could not use the gauze diapers of the time. The new diaper was gentler on Oskari’s skin and ever since then, Delipap has stood out from its competitors with its skin-friendly and eco-friendly products, with quality that is in a league of its own.


A sustainable and Finnish pioneer

“We are truly happy that our grandfather developed diapers and it is fun to think that my daughter is now continuing the work. I myself have worked in various positions at our family company, and in diaper production development I get to continually challenge myself and listen to families’ wishes for future diapers,” explains Emilia.

Muumi Baby diapers stand out from international competitors in many areas of responsibility. The diapers are manufactured in Finland using only clean raw materials and do not contain unnecessary chemicals such as lotions, fragrances or chlorine. The diapers are transported only short distances along the most direct route from the Tammisaari factory to stores. “We are continually thinking of better solutions for raw materials and what kind of future lies ahead for diapers. Every potential new feature is thoroughly investigated, with consideration for its impact on the environment and its effect on children’s skin. Diapers are disposable products and we bear great environmental responsibility throughout the diaper’s life cycle. That’s why we’re extremely proud to announce that Muumi Baby diapers are the first diapers in Finland to be completely carbon neutral,” adds Emilia.

It is important to me to continue the family tradition and maintain our strong values. It is extremely important to us to respect Finnish nature and to always choose the most sustainable options. Our process from raw materials to logistics is fine-tuned and we continue to develop it. We want to serve families in the best possible way, and that’s why we’ve offered the opportunity to place a monthly order for diapers since summer 2020. Being a new mum means I am better able to understand parents’ needs,” says Emilia.

Responsibility comes from everyday choices

There has been much discussion surrounding the origin and responsibility of food and clothing, and Emilia hopes that Finns will apply the same values to other groceries and everyday items: “Locally sourced food and Finnish ingredients are given high priority in consumer choices. People are also more aware of how and from what materials their clothing is made. I hope that this approach becomes more widespread and that it will also apply to groceries and everyday items. In fact, I challenge all Finns to keep an eye out for product labels, like the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation symbol, which can both be found on Muumi Baby diapers.”

Delipap employs approximately 70 Finns, and is Finland’s only manufacturer of disposable children’s diapers. “We are an outstanding actor, and are extremely proud to build on my grandfather’s work. In the future, we want to keep production in Finland and develop our products in an environmentally friendly and consumer-oriented way. Since 2010, the production of Muumi Baby diapers has only used certified hydropower, which does not generate carbon dioxide emissions. The diapers are packed in biodegradable bags that can be reused as biowaste bags, for example. We make our sustainable values a reality,” says Emilia, proudly.


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Emilia Nordström, who works in Muumi Baby diaper production development, answers the phone from maternity leave with her six-month-old daughter Freya babbling in the background: “Day-to-day life with a young...
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