Why is the country of manufacture important for diapers?

It makes a real difference where in the world your little one’s diapers are made and what kind of journey they travel from factory to store shelves. Choosing a Finnish diaper is a responsible act in many ways, and it also safeguards your child’s future. Finnish Muumi Baby diapers are made at Finland’s only diaper factory in Tammisaari!

The domesticity of everyday products is important not only for nature, but also for our society. A Finnish diaper is also a good choice for your little one’s future. Domestic production guarantees transparency and responsibility from the selection of raw materials to the diaper’s disposal, and short transport distances reduce the amount of emissions caused by the diapers. By buying Finnish, you are also supporting Finnish employment.

Domesticity is an important selection criterion for many parents who use Muumi Baby diapers, like Johanna.

“It’s important to us to favour Finnish products when we shop. It is also important for us to be able to trust in the product’s quality and the labels it is marked with. The knowledge that Muumi Baby diapers are made nearby by a family-owned company also influences our purchasing decision,” says Johanna, who gave feedback about the diapers.

Domesticity also means a lot to Nina:

“I chose Muumi Baby diapers as they are 100% Finnish and made in Finland. Domesticity and skin-friendliness are the most important values we hold.”


The Key Flag Symbol is a genuine guarantee of domesticity

Muumi Baby diapers have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol to indicate that the majority of the product’s raw materials come from Finland and that the products are also made in Finland. The Key Flag Symbol helps you to choose a Finnish option when shopping for diapers or other everyday goods.

Beautiful Finnish nature is a value that we should strive to preserve for the ones we love the most; our children. The cellulose used in Muumi Baby diapers comes from FSC-certified Finnish coniferous forests, and is entirely dioxin-free. A high-quality and particularly skin-friendly diaper that also upholds environmental values is an excellent choice for your little one.

By purchasing Finnish diapers, you create wellbeing in Finland that your own child will be able to enjoy in the future.

Muumi Baby diapers are manufactured by Delipap, a Finnish family-owned company that has over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing diapers. We are mums and dads ourselves, and we want to offer the best and most responsible diaper possible for all little baby bottoms. The Muumi Baby diaper factory is located in Tammisaari, in southern Finland, and the company employs around 70 hygiene industry professionals.


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