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Baby showers have become increasingly popular in Finland in recent years, and more and more groups of friends are throwing surprise parties for mums-to-be in honour of the upcoming birth of the new baby and the start of maternity leave. Some baby showers are packed with activities such as naming competitions and baby food tasting, but other mothers prefer a quiet brunch in good company. The most important thing is that the mum-to-be feels comfortable and that the party is organized on her terms rather than to please a grandmother-to-be or a group of friends.


The ABC of baby showers

Baby showers are often organized towards the end of the pregnancy and celebrate the start of maternity leave. The organizers should remember that babies can be born prematurely, so don’t leave the baby shower until the last moment! Towards the end of her pregnancy, an expectant mother should be open to her friends with regard to any wishes she has around the kind of party, guests, activities, and food she would like. Some mothers cannot necessarily be bothered to organize large groups of people, and for some women just the thought of a surprise party creates more anxiety than excitement. It is a good idea to call the mum-to-be’s partner to ask how she is doing and whether there’s anything that the organizers should take into special consideration.

Baby showers are often held at the expectant mother’s home, where guests arrive with food and decorations as a surprise. This means that the heavily pregnant mum-to-be does not need to travel to celebrate and can enjoy the leftovers from the party the next day, too. If there are already several children in the home, baby showers can be organized as a picnic in a park, or in the expectant mum’s favourite restaurant.


Activities and food should respect the mum-to-be’s wishes

The baby shower group may have already spent time together at hen parties or other dinner parties, and have ideas about the mum-to-be’s wishes and preferences when it comes to food and activities. If previous parties were full of fun and games, the expectant mother may wish for the same kind of atmosphere at her baby shower. Common activities include guessing the birth date, weight and length of the baby, revealing the baby’s sex using a mystery balloon, and quizzes about baby care. If the parents are finding it difficult to decide on a name for their baby, the guests can come up with some excellent suggestions.


“If the parents are finding it difficult to decide on a name for their baby, the guests can come up with some excellent suggestions.”


If there are any enthusiastic crafters in the group, one activity can include decorating wooden building blocks. One of the guests can bring cut wooden cubes, paint and templates so that other guests can each decorate a building block of their own for the baby. The characterful blocks are sure to be put to good use and will remind the whole family of the fun party.

Baby showers are often celebrated on a potluck basis and when deciding on food, keep in mind the pregnancy diet, and common allergens and dietary restrictions. If the sex of the baby is known, the treats can be decorated in a suitable theme. At their least stressful, parties can be organized in a restaurant or food can be pre-ordered and collected – the main thing is for everyone to have a good time and to prevent too much stress from falling on to just one or two people.


What presents should be given to the mum-to-be and new arrival?

A diaper cake is a traditional way to delight the mum-to-be at a baby shower. To make a diaper cake, you’ll need a few packets of Muumi Baby diapers for newborns, which are rolled up using elastic bands and stacked up to form a pyramid. You can hide a bottle of champagne inside the diaper cake for the expectant mother to enjoy after pregnancy and delivery, and it can be decorated with bows and small toys.

If the family already has children, a preferable gift could be a gift card to a spa or restaurant, as the parents may already have enough baby clothes and supplies for the new arrival. It is a good idea to ask the mum-to-be what she would like as a gift. Alternatively, the guests can put together a package of basic supplies for the baby. A list of baby supplies can be found here.


“If the family already has children, a preferable gift could be a gift card to a spa or restaurant…”


One of the most fantastic gifts is a gift card for a photoshoot. There are many talented photographers specializing in baby and family photoshoots, so that you can save sweet memories of your little one.


Follow these two tips to create a baby shower with a great atmosphere


  1. The most important thing is for the mum-to-be to enjoy the baby shower. Plan the baby shower around the mum, and leave out the games if they aren’t the mum-to-be’s cup of tea.  Serve her favourite foods and make her feel comfortable. If the baby shower is held at the expectant mother’s home, make sure to clean up afterwards.
  2. Guests at baby showers may include guests who do not or cannot have children. Respect every guest and keep the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Remember that not everyone has the financial possibility to participate in buying expensive gifts or food, so be sure to check with guests when it comes to the budget. Good company is more important than expensive gifts.


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